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SQUIRRELS: You can trap grey squirrels humanely but then there is a legal requirement to kill them, you cannot just drown them or use poison. The killing has to be done humanely and safely. It is best to get a professional to carry out any treatment.

BATS: They are a protected species so take care not to affect them or their habitat while getting rid of other pests. If you kill one, even by accident, you risk a fine of £5,000 per bat. ‘Ignorance is no defence.’

WASPS: You can kill them using pesticide but it could mean coming face to face with the nest, which grows dramatically between April and September. If using foam, beware of blocking the entrances to the nest and causing more problems. Always check for bats first if in a property.

BLACK GARDEN ANTS: Not a danger, more of a nuisance. Keep sweet foods covered up and clear up dirty dishes or plates and food spills immediately to stop the ants being tempted in to the house.

MOLES: Trapping is the safest and most humane way to get rid of a mole problem.

RATS AND MICE: Any treatment has to be planned to assess the impact on the environment. If poisons are used, the correct type, amounts and locations need to be considered carefully to avoid non-target species being compromised.

Poisons must be used with care! BE CAREFUL WITH POISON... YOU COULD BE FINED. It is a legal requirement to read and follow the instructions on the product label and only target the species that are listed on the product. It should only be considered for use when all other methods have been tried first.

As with all pest treatments, a carefully planned methodical treatment is required to get rid of the problem. If a treatment is started without the proper planning it can often lead to the problem becoming much worse and even injury could occur. If in doubt always seek professional advice.

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