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Ants are highly organised social insects that belong to the same biological order as bees and wasps. A single ant can be the member of a colony that could reach as large as a million ants. Each colony will contain queens, workers, soldiers and drones. There are many thousands of different species and can be found almost anywhere.


Birds can be major pests especially when nesting in a property or simply using it as a regular roosting point. Certain species are protected by law, so advice should always be obtained before any treatments are carried out.


Fleas are small insects that are reddish-brown in colour and appear flat. The flea is a parasite that feeds on blood from both animal and human sources. Their bites can cause severe irritation and reactions. A professional flea treatment will be required to eradicate them from properties.


Mice are very similar in habits to rats but can go un-noticed for longer periods and cause extensive damage to properties. They are also capable of spreading disease and also fleas which in turn can be passed on to humans and pets. If food is readily available, numbers can increase dramatically in a short space of time.


Moles dig tunnels and leave molehills which can ruin gardens, lawns, flowerbeds and even vegetable patches. Mole removal can be a difficult task as they can sense change very quickly. This is when mole control using traditional mole catching and mole trapping techniques will be needed to solve the mole problem.

Rabbits were once a major food source but now this has declined, unlike their numbers. They can breed rapidly, with litters up to 5 times a year with 5-8 young at a time. Constant burrowing can damage or destroy young plants, undermine roads, banks and gardens and large areas of grass soon suffer through constant feeding.

Rats are widespread throughout the United Kingdom and are masters of adaptation, taking advantage of food sources available in both urban and rural environments. They can easily cause structural damage by their constant gnawing and they also carry various diseases that can be serious to both humans and animals.

Spiders are not always a pest in the home, but they can cause emotional upset and distress by simply being there! In some cases treatment will be needed to remove them and their cobwebs.

Squirrels are members of the rodent family and if access is gained to properties, extensive damage can result. If threatened, they will bite and they can pass on fleas to both humans and pets. A person is first aware of squirrels in a property by the constant noise created by chewing and the results of their damage to wood, pipework or electric wiring can be very expensive.


Wasps often strike fear into people and with good reason. They have a powerful sting which they readily use in defence of a nest and if disturbed can cause, in some cases, serious injury or even death. Wasp control or wasp removal should only be carried out by experienced professionals.


Pest prevention is a very important part of general pest control and can stop many future pest problems from happening if implemented correctly.


Pest control is a fact of life when certain species come into direct conflict with man and is needed to prevent further damage, distress, illness or expense. If carried out correctly, the normal balance of life can be restored.


We offer a no-nonsense approach to pest control and will supply a no obligation quote along with helpful and honest advice on all aspects of mole control and mole trapping. All our work is insured and we take pride in being able to give a high standard of work at a competitive price from a local independent, friendly company.




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