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About Flea Pest Control

Fleas can be persistent parasites, popping up again when you least expect them. This is because they are so difficult to track down and remove in the first place. They can be an embarrassing issue, preventing you from inviting friends or customers to your infested premises with confidence.

But with Bournemouth Pest Solutions and our same-day appointments or emergency call-outs, you can exterminate flea problems with our speedy response and cost-effective services.



The best way to remove fleas is by employing our professional pest controllers to eradicate them. We have commercial-grade insecticides and heat treatments that are far more effective than standard methods available to homeowners or business owners.

Fleas have incredibly powerful survival instincts, making it particularly difficult to treat fleas on your own.


Bournemouth Pest Solutions offers a comprehensive flea pest control service, able to tackle any pest problem you may have. Our professional pest controllers can remove any pests using the latest and safest products, equipment and treatments and offer advice on keeping your property pest free.

Whether a domestic or commercial infestation, we use the latest research to provide discreet solutions per all legislation and safety guidelines from the British Pest Control Association throughout the whole process. To find out more, please call our friendly team today.

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Those with pets are far more likely to encounter fleas than others. Therefore, if you have cats or dogs and notice you have a flea infestation, our experienced pest controllers can remove them for you.

We follow the latest safety guidelines to ensure your and your property's safety. If you need professional flea removal in Bournemouth, Bournemouth Pest Solutions is your number one choice.


commercial flea removal

Flea infestations for commercial businesses can be disastrous. For those in the hospitality industry, infestations can mean ruining your brand image alongside uncomfortable staff and customers who work and stay at your property.

Therefore, you can see how important it is for commercial businesses to treat flea infestations quickly.  Luckily, Bournemouth Pest Solutions is here to help businesses in Poole and throughout the surrounding areas of Bournemouth.

We are a trusted and reliable pest control service that can remove pest problems and other animals, including fleas, rats, mice, birds and any other pests you can think of. If you are facing an infestation, please do not hesitate to contact our team today for advice or a free quote.

professional flea treatments

It is incredibly difficult to tackle flea infestations without professional assistance. When homeowners or business owners decide to use regular flea treatments, they'll quickly discover that the fleas have returned in a matter of weeks. This is because fleas can live for months at a time if not dealt with properly.

However, with Bournemouth Pest Solutions and our professional flea treatments, we can ensure that your property is kept pest free for years. The main benefit of hiring Bournemouth Pest Solutions to deal with your flea infestation is the commercial-grade treatments we can access. 

These treatments should only be used by professionals with the appropriate training and experience. Our expert team can use these techniques safely in your property to ensure your flea problem is dealt with. They can then offer expert advice on how to keep fleas out of your home for good.

quality pest control

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Fleas Pest Control Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole

Fleas Pest Control

If you have pets, you'll likely need to deal with fleas. Bournemouth Pest Solutions can remedy this persistent issue once and for all.