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Wasp Pest Control Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole

About Wasp Pest Control

It can sometimes be difficult to locate the source of a wasp problem, but our expert pest controllers use the latest techniques and products to locate your wasp nest.

Once our team has found the wasps nest, we will then use the latest humane pest control methods to remove them from your property.

Once the wasp problem is removed, our team will provide our customers with expert advice on keeping them at bay. Ultimately, you need to close all entry points to your property throughout early-to-mid Spring.



Besides wasp nest removal, Bournemouth Pest Solutions offers a comprehensive range of pest control services to deal with any issue you may be facing. We offer our services to domestic and commercial clients locally in Poole and throughout the surrounding areas of Bournemouth, Dorset and Hampshire. Please call our team today to learn more about our services or request a free quote.

Specialist Wasp  Control

If you are facing a wasp pest infestation in your domestic home or commercial premises, Bournemouth Pest Solutions can remove it for you. Infestations can pose serious threats, affecting your comfort at home and your health and safety at work.

Our comprehensive and cost-effective service is your best choice to remedy the issue.

End-of-Tenancy Wasp  Control

For those who have sold their residential home or have rental tenants leaving their property, you may wish to carry out an end-of-tenancy wasp removal.

This process ensures your property is thoroughly free of any wasp nest or pests, leaving it perfectly habitable for the next occupants of the property.

Wasp Nest Removal

Wasps are a particular nuisance here in the UK, with late Spring and the Summer months being the time of year they tend to be most active.

Wasp infestations are especially hazardous for those allergic to insect bites, and Bournemouth Pest Solutions can remove any wasp nests or bee hives on your property.

Domestic Wasp Removal

Wasps can begin nesting in your eaves or chimneys and can cause significant damage to your property.

Therefore, if you believe you have wasps nesting on your domestic or commercial property, call our professional pest controllers today to have it humanely removed.

Commercial Wasp Control

Wasp nests can be one of the most persistent issues business owners can face. From   infestations within wall cavities to staff stings and injury, wasps are notoriously tricky to remove.

But with our industry experience and commercial-grade treatments, we can remove  wasps quickly and safely.

Trusted Wasp Control

Since wasps cause significant harm in the UK, it's not surprising that we are constantly being called out to deal with them.

Whether you are dealing with  a wasp nest or wasp problem, our expert pest controllers can remove them and put measures in place to keep them from returning.



There's no one more experienced in the Bournemouth area for dealing with dangerous wasp infestations than Bournemouth Pest Solutions.

For domestic homeowners, wasps can ruin any opportunity you might have to relax outside. While business owners should worry about their responsibility to ensure the safety of employees and customers on their premises.

Therefore, if you notice any wasps buzzing around your property, please do not hesitate to call our friendly team; we will be more than happy to remove them.

professional Wasp pest controllers

Wasps are a potentially dangerous pest, and you should never attempt to remove a wasp nest on your own. Stings can be life-threatening for those who are allergic; therefore, in the interest of safety, when you notice a wasp infestation, call our professional pest controllers, and they will be happy to remove them.


Initial Inspection

All of our call-outs begin with a comprehensive inspection of your pest problem. Here our technicians will assess the scale of your infestation and identify the species of pest you are dealing with.

This way, they can choose the most appropriate pest control methods to remove them.



Once our technicians know what they are facing, they will carry out the removal. 

Bournemouth Pest Solutions follow the latest safety regulations and guidelines to ensure your and your property's safety.

All our pest removal techniques are humane and comprehensive, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.



The final stage of our pest removal service is prevention. Here our pest controllers will offer expert advice so you can better guard your property against future infestations.

We can also implement practical preventative measures that will further protect your property from returning pests.

quality pest control

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