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What Are Common Pest Problems In The Home

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  • 21-06-2023
What Are Common Pest Problems In The Home

Have you ben asking: what are common pest problems in the home? Bournemouth Pest Solutions are your local pest control company for Poole and Bournemouth. Find out more about which pest problems you should look out for in your home. 

Household Pests

Pest and rodent infestations can become stressful circumstances for landlords, tenants, and homeowners. Local professionals and exterminators will have all the skills and knowledge to identify the problems at hand. 

They will then figure out the best plan of action to eliminate them. Pest controllers have all the best advice to provide on the personal precautions and cleaning measures you can take in the future to prevent infestation.

Some of the most common household pests involve mice, bats, rats, insects, house flies, bedbugs, food beetles, pigeons and many more. It's vital that once detected, you eradicate them from the premises through any safe means, as they can cause health problems. 

Many pose the risk of allergic reasons, mental health stresses, asthma, and other respiratory disease. Contact local pest control experts as soon as possible for a quote and appointment.

What Are Common Pest Problems In The Home? Local Pest Control Company Poole And Bournemouth


Pests are species of insect or animal that cause a specific disturbance to your household or pose a threat to human health and safety. 

As soon as you detect sightings or signs of pests, it's vital that you do all you can to eliminate them as they rapidly increase. We'll discuss the most common pests found across many residential areas throughout the UK.



Fleas are predominantly found inside your pet's fur, sucking on their skin to feed on their blood. The bites from fleas are highly dangerous, causing your pet immense pain and could result in swelling if neglected. You'll be pleased to find out that there numerous methods that can eliminate their presence.



You are most likely to find mice in dining rooms and kitchens in search of food products. They are dangerous to your food stock as they can steal your products and leave bacterial diseases.



Rats are rodent species that can invade households and properties for food and shelter. Over the years, many developments have been made by exterminators and manufacturers to help catch these pests. 

Many can successfully catch them by strategically placing food traps and pest boxes in areas where they find droppings or dirt. It's vital to contact professionals if DIY methods aren't working. Rats spread disease and can chew through metal wires and electricals, which could result in structural damage.



In the past 10-15 years, the UK has seen an increase in bedbug symptoms. In 2003, the infestation of bedbugs began increasing due to the rise of people travelling to various different countries. Bedbugs are tiny species of insect that grow to 1/4 inch. 

They can be found in the seams and crevices of mattresses, bed quilts, sofas, and any other soft furnishings. The best way to rid these pests is by sterilising your clothing with hot water and throwing out infested furnishings.



A swarm of flies on your property will not create a hygienic or healthy environment. It can also be incredibly annoying to deal with the constant buzzing and flying. Flies travel across numerous places and households, feeding on waste produce.

If you eat any food or drink any liquids that have interacted with flies, you may get infected with various types of diseases. As they are a health risk, we recommend investing in pesticides.

Fly pest control


Squirrel pest control




Ants are a minute species that are commonly discovered just about everywhere. Much like roaches, they are highly attracted to food products and strong sweet smells. Whilst ants are incredibly small, their bites can be painful and immensely challenging to eliminate, especially when there are multiple.



Often, wasps do not bite or attack humans unless they feel particularly threatened; however, when they do bite it can be incredibly painful. It leads to black spots and severe pain, and for those who may be allergic, it could lead to swelling and hyperventilation. 

As soon as you spot signs of wasps invading your property, you must contact local pest professionals. Otherwise, they may begin building nests and increasing their population. 

Wasps' nests are some of the most dangerous infestations you can encounter, so you must call a professional to remove them at the earliest stage. Destroying a nest could result in several stings, as they become aggressive. We do not advise any attempts to perform treatments if you are not an exterminator and do not have the proper protection.



Sweet smells and plenty of food waste are all it takes to attract cockroaches. They are much like mosquitoes in that they prefer to feed on standing water, yet we must be careful. Many health issues and allergies can strike due to cockroach infestations.  You can find them predominantly in kitchens and places across your home where there is water.



Pigeons are commonplace across the UK, so we are widely aware of the fact that their droppings can cause a variety of health issues. They can nest in your home and this will, in turn, attract more pigeons and pests. Feather malting can also result in numerous breathing problems for humans. Contact pest control, and they will be able to remove existing nests.



Squirrels are some of the UK's beautiful rodents; we can often observe them scurrying up the trees in our local parks. However, they can cause immense disturbances to homes and gardens. They have a habit of stealing fruits, foods, and nuts, alongside digging deep into the ground to create burrows. We highly recommend investing in fencing, as this is the only way you can control them.


Season Change

Water Clogging

Improper Sanitation

Flooding of Wastes

Basic Survival

Pests are known for infesting households and properties to obtain basic survival needs, such as shelter, food and water. A home typically satisfies these needs, as they have all the essentials, usually in one place. As the climate and seasons change, pests and rodents will often run into problems. These issues include a shortage of water and food, leading them to infest your household building. 

During the summertime, pests are more likely to infest to escape the heat. They also search for more water sources, as they cannot find free-flowing water on dry paths.

For example, ants and rats prefer warmer living spaces; however, they hate the summertime, so they'll do everything they can to escape it. During the winter period, many roaches and rodents gain access to your home environment when seeking shelter and food. They cannot bear cold climates and temperatures, so they will search for the warmest places on your property to nest in.

Two significant other causes of pest infestation involve water clogging, and an overflooding of food waste close by or outside your household. Ensure you tightly knot and put away any rubbish and food waste, and make sure all pipework is frequently inspected by plumbers.

How To Prevent Pest From Entering Your Home - Pest Control Company For Poole And Bournemouth

How to Prevent Pest From Entering Your Home

To begin, we would encourage homeowners to inspect the exterior of their property. Be sure to search for gaps, small holes, or even droppings that may suggest where your rodents have entered. 

The next thing to do would be to pest-proof your home. Start by covering up all the places that other pests can enter from, this will also make it easier to catch the existing pests inside. 

Mice can enter your home through any means, including holes the size of a penny, and rats can enter through holes the size of a ten-pence. We recommend filling these holes with caulking and steel wool so that you can prevent further infestation.

An opening in your roof is also a significant entry point for pests, such as bats and birds, and they can begin infesting your attic. One way to tackle these issues is by ensuring your roofing applications are free of gaps and holes, especially the fascia and soffits. All chimneys and screen roof vents should be regularly checked too.

House flies normally enter your home through open doors and windows in the spring and summertime. However, they can also get inside via improperly sealed or screened windows and doors throughout your home. You can prevent such happenstances by repairing and properly sealing any torn screens, doors and windows. These are tasks you can take on yourself, or you can contact professionals in your local area.

Food bugs and other insects can enter your home often through pet foods. So, it's best to go through your food bags and boxes for small holes that may indicate food pests. If you begin noticing your pet's itching constantly, consult your veterinarian. From there, you can begin discussing the best action for flea control.

Bedbug Awareness - Pest Control Company For Poole And Bournemouth

Bedbug Awareness

Another insect to look out for is bedbugs, these tend to travel in your luggage. If you're travelling and utilising apartments and hotels, check all the beds, and any soft furniture that you intend to sit or sleep in.

If you spot the bugs, casings of dead bugs, or dried blood stains on the couches or mattresses, these are huge signs that you have a bedbug infestation. Ensure you check the seams of your household or hotel mattresses.

These bugs don't like light spaces, so they hide inside the darkest parts of your quilts, mattresses and sheets.

If you suspect that there are these bugs inside your own luggage, do not bring your cases inside your home. Whilst outside, remove all clothing from your suitcase and take it straight to the laundry. Wash all your belongings in hot water, ensuring you dry your clothes in the dryer, as the heat is intended to kill all bedbugs. 

If you cannot steam-clean your luggage case, we recommend disposing of and replacing it. Bedbugs could be hiding in the crevices of your suitcase.

Bournemouth Pest Solutions offers comprehensive pest control services to domestic and commercial clients in Poole and throughout the surrounding areas. Our experienced pest controllers can effectively deal with any infestation you may be facing.